Meeting Brian and Wendy Froud again

As a board member of the Dutch and Belgian Institute of Doll Artists DABIDA I am very proud to announce that Brian and Wendy Froud will be our special guests on the 3rd DABIDA Day in Essen (Belgium) on April 5th 2009. Brian and Wendy surely are a source of inspiration for almost everybody who is making fantasy dolls. Years ago I have met Brian and Wendy in Santa Fe, NM at the legendary Santa Fe Doll Art Shows
Brian looks like one of his own characters and also Wendy with her long waving red hair looked like one of her own faery creations. I am looking forward to meeting them again. They will make the 3rd DABIDA Day a very special one.
A couple of years ago we were in the U.K. for our family holidays and there I saw the typical landscape and the weird knotty trees. I could understand where Brian gets his inspiration. It is easy to believe there in faeries and goblins.
Book introducing DABIDA members: http://marlaineverhelst.com/bookdabida.htm