Project Scotland

doll rosieMy new Scottish friend Stephanie Lightbown  invited me to take part in a doll project she was working on with her students of the Kilmarnock Academy near Glasgow. For their art examination the students chose a poem or a subject from literature as inspiration for a doll project. This is what they picked:
Rosie: Angel-Demon
Rachel: Neptune / Sea God
Stacey: Ribbon, Bows and Buttons
Ailie: Peacock
Abby: Icarus
Kittie: Alice in Wonderland
Lucy: Octopus, sea life
Sharmaine: The Cat and the Fiddle
Sophie: Cakes and sweets

schotland group

Earlier this school year the girls, all 16 or 17 years old, started making amazing inspiration boards guided by their teacher Stephanie. They also made lots of trials and experiments on what techniques to use to finish their projects. I was only involved in the sculpting parts and the painting of these parts.
Sharmaine was the only one who did not sculpt a doll’s head. She sculpted a cat.
It was interesting and fun to be part of such a special project. I love all they did and I love them all. On the pictures you see Rosie’s piece in progress and the girls in the snow holding their sculpted parts. When I will have the pictures of the finished products I sure will show them on my website. I  am very much looking forward to see how everything will turn out.