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Online animal class

poppenOn the new Creative Website iCreateflix you can find my online animal making class.  The class will guide you step by step through the process of making an animal of your choice in papier mache. This Tuesday you can also hear from this site a live interview about me and my work. Thank you, Cara!


My Paris class



Last month we have had a great class week again in France, near Paris and Versailles. So much creativity and fun! The late blooming tulips added to the beautiful environment. Here you can see all the pictures. Time flies and next year’s class is planned for April 26th – May 3rd 2014  Please contact me for more info: Marlaine Verhelst or check my Paris page


The NEW Dutch Touch

And here she is! It is a princess and you can learn to make her yourself.
Together with Ankie Daanen I developed this new type of doll for the Meet the Dutch Touch classes.
If you want to know more about it look at  my workshop schedule  or send me an email at .

Don’t forget to watch Ankie and me with this princess on .


online class results

Some time ago I was teaching an online doll making class for Adele Sciortino’s “A for Artistic”. it was a wonderful experience and a huge success. I had some very enthusiastic and talented students and I am still receiving pictures from finished dolls. This online teaching really works and is a lot of fun. The results were amazing and I want to share with you some pictures I recently received. Just a few of the many beautiful dolls my students made!

This is a doll by Yvonne Nathanson.


This beautiful piece is made by Anne Schroeder


This Juggler is made by Barbara Evans


This piece is made by Wendy Rinehart

I am really proud and happy that I could inspire these students to such wonderful work worth showing! After summer I will teach a few animal classes at A for Artistic and we are planning on repeating this doll class again next year. Look in my workshop schedule for specific dates.


Paris Workshop week 2010

Again we have had a wonderful week in Cernay la Ville near Paris where I had my yearly workshop week.
In spite of a big strike that was going on everything ran smoothly. The weather was not really warm but we have had a lot of sunshine. Janny cooked us again wonderful meals. A highlight for sure was the bore, with a second place for the canard. The pictures of the week and the results will be shown on my website. For the moment here is a group portrait with one of the dogs. On the right you can see my husband Ton and my son Sem.
Thank you Lia, Cathy, Catherine, Martha, Terry, Maggie, Erica, Ellen, Francisca, Hester and Ineke. Next year the doll holiday will not be held in Autumn but June 11 through June 18.
I am already looking forward to being in this great place in that time of the year!


Kilmarnock results

Yes, yes, yes! I finally received the pictures of how the dolls from “my” Scottish girls turned out. I am very proud of them. Because these girls had no doll making background the dolls all turned out very original and fresh and full of interesting details. Very personal and different.
I cannot even tell what my favourite is. I love them all.

You can see them on

Good job, girls!


Project Scotland

doll rosieMy new Scottish friend Stephanie Lightbown  invited me to take part in a doll project she was working on with her students of the Kilmarnock Academy near Glasgow. For their art examination the students chose a poem or a subject from literature as inspiration for a doll project. This is what they picked:
Rosie: Angel-Demon
Rachel: Neptune / Sea God
Stacey: Ribbon, Bows and Buttons
Ailie: Peacock
Abby: Icarus
Kittie: Alice in Wonderland
Lucy: Octopus, sea life
Sharmaine: The Cat and the Fiddle
Sophie: Cakes and sweets

schotland group

Earlier this school year the girls, all 16 or 17 years old, started making amazing inspiration boards guided by their teacher Stephanie. They also made lots of trials and experiments on what techniques to use to finish their projects. I was only involved in the sculpting parts and the painting of these parts.
Sharmaine was the only one who did not sculpt a doll’s head. She sculpted a cat.
It was interesting and fun to be part of such a special project. I love all they did and I love them all. On the pictures you see Rosie’s piece in progress and the girls in the snow holding their sculpted parts. When I will have the pictures of the finished products I sure will show them on my website. I  am very much looking forward to see how everything will turn out.


Paris Workshop Week

The last week of October I was in France for my yearly Doll Holiday and Workshop Week. It is hard to believe but the weather was that good that several days we even could work outside in the sun.  Colliii – Doll Lovers Online wrote about it on:
More on my Paris page:


fun in houston

Just returned with Ankie Daanen from our fifth “Meet the Dutch Touch” class in Houston, Texas. The picture shows our Houston hostess Marlene Slobin, who did a great job again, with the doll she made in class. The class was held in the studio of Mary Wiggins who wrote a great report on her blog.
We met our friend Janet Bodin again and we found out what these deep canals across Houston are built for: what a rain! Never seen so much water in  my life and believe me: we surely have some rain experience in The Netherlands. Mary’s huge backyard changed into a complete lake and for a moment we thought we needed to have a slumber party with our dolls.
And the good thing was that the weather couldn’t be better on the days that Ankie and I had some free time to sit in the sun so I got home with a sun tan.
But who cares about the weather when you can have so much fun together with making dolls. All twelve dolls in class turned out really wonderful. Marlene Slobin and Mary Wiggins will host the “Meet the Dutch Touch” class again in April 2012. That seems far away, but time flies. One of our students was Sherry Goshon, who offered to host the class in September 2012. Iowa, here we come!


new online lessons

From May 2009 new online lessons will be available
about finishing a doll:
painting your doll
making a body
and hair and hats
It is possible to sign up for all four lessons or one or more of the separate lessons.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you might have any further questions.