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We are in the third week of my online sculpting class with an active and talented group. On the class forum I have posted two interesting sites:
showing the ‘perfect face’ based on phi (golden ratio) with a lot of examples and differences in age, sex and race. And of course how to check if your own face is perfect. I am sure we all are perfect. Could be interesting when sculpting faces.

One of the students asked me about making wings. I don’t have much experience with wings for dolls, the wings I made were for my animals and are too rough but maybe this could be useful if you want to make a doll with wings:

Also working now on new online classes about painting, the body, clothing and hair and hats.


Workshop in Canada, British Columbia

Together with Ankie Daanen I will be teaching the ‘Meet the Dutch Touch’ class on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, in May 2010. Sounds really exotic to me. We will have a wonderful hostess, Marla, who I already have met in my 2008 Paris Doll Holiday and Workshop Week. If you are interested please click here for further details.
Pictures of the results of one of the Meet the Dutch Touch workshops: Meet the Dutch Touch New York City area 2008
For me it will be my second visit to Canada. Years ago I was in Ottawa for teaching a porcelain sculpting class. My aunt Ann lives there and of course I have visited her.


Paris Workshop 2008

My yearly workshop in France was a party again. From The Netherlands we had Ans, Erica, Ineke, Marie and Tosca. Ans and Erica were there for the 5th time. From Australia Sharon, from Belarus Kristina, from Canada Marla and from the USA Gayle and Leslie. Several family members were joining the workshop participants and had a great time in France as well. We had a colorful and inspiring group and the weather was good (and so was the French wine). We even had some Summer days. The results of the workshop are awesome:
Pictures 2008 workshop.
The next Paris Doll Holiday and Workshop will take place from October 24th – October 31st 2009.


Las Vegas Class

‘What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas’ but better not my suitcase. It didn’t arrive when we came back from teaching our ‘Meet the Dutch Touch’ class. Fortunately I got already a phone call from Delta Airlines that my suitcase will be back home today.
We had a great time in Las Vegas. And our hostess June took us for a trip to Zion National Park the day before we left.
A few windy days but mostly beautiful weather and I won 25 cents in one of those machines. I just was disappointed that the money didn’t fall down but came as a ticket. Who wants a ticket?

On the picture the group of the Las Vegas doll class.
More pictures on:


just playing around

This has nothing to do with making art dolls but from May 30th 2008 I will have another online class called ‘Totem Fun’. It’s just playing around and building some fun stuff (totems) with simple sculpting using air drying clay like Creative Paperclay.
More details:
It was so much fun making this class that I hardly could stop playing around with this subject to finish the class. If you select ‘online classes’ in the menu you will find the URL of the site where this class will be running.


Online sculpting class

Last year I worked hard on an online sculpting class. I am very proud and happy that I have finished it and the class will be online from May 5th. I have made pictures from all the steps in the sculpting process. More details on
The class is in English and for all levels.
you can sign in for the class.
If you have any further questions please send me a message.