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the kiln is loaded

The firing process will take about six hours to reach the desired temperature. After that the kiln should take at least that time to cool down again.


Ready for the kiln


Porcelain hand sculpted heads, hands and feet ready to be fired in the kiln.


Sculpting again




Having my autumn break from Fashion school I am sculpting again in porcelain. The porcelain needs to be fired in a special kiln on a very high temperature.


Growing on the clay


This head was not finished sculpting yet but when I unwrapped it (months later) there was some fungus or alga growing on the porcelain clay. It looks funny, like marmor. It probably will be all gone after firing.


Talking on techniques


Cara Rae of asked me for a radio interview again:

We talked a whole hour about doll making techniques and could have gone on for hours.

So have fun listening.


Blog Hop Tour

Welcome! This is going to be my longest post ever.
Today is my turn in the Blog Hop Tour organized around the new book about epoxy clays: Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams by Kerin Gale. Some of my work is included in this book. In case you don’t know my work: I am a doll artist from the Netherlands, NIADA and DABIDA member. I use to add animals and other props to my fantasy pieces. I work mainly in hand sculpted porcelain for my dolls and papier mache for animals. I use epoxy clay to make weak parts of the animals stronger. Here you see a few examples of my work:

The nice thing for the visitors of my blog today is that they can win all the prizes listed below. The only thing you have to do to win a prize is to leave your name and addresses as a comment. Winners will be picked by a drawing. As an extra prize I have added an online class on animal making. This class tells you all my secrets about how to start and build an animal of your choice from papier mache.
To give you an impression I show here how to make an open  beak for a duck:

Bend copper (or other non rusty wire) into a loop, a bit wider than  the width of the duck’s head. (I used a Styrofoam egg as base for the head) Cover this both sides with paper masking tape. Let about an inch of the wire stick out. Make a second piece almost twice as wide as the first one with an extra strip of wire placed in the middle.

Bend the two beak parts to hollow shapes and stick the wire ends in the Styrofoam, the wider part on top. This gives you a great base to cover with papier mache or other sculpting material. This method is easy to adjust to other shapes. I also use it for animal ears and that works great.

This is the complete program of this Blog Hop tour

May 1
Kerin Gale
Remnants of Olde:

May 2
Alicia Caudle
Altered Bits:

May 3
Lesley Venable
Flatwoods Folk Art:

May 4
Christine Lehto
Lilly Bug Studio:

May 5
Seth Apter
The Altered Page:

May 6
Nancy Perennec
Little Bit Wired:

May 7
Jen Cushman
ICE Queen Zine:

May 8
Happy Mother’s Day!

May 9
Beth Robinson
Strange Dolls:

May 10
Brenda Schweder
Brenda Schweder Jewelry:

May 11
Esther Verschoor
Vanessie Art Dolls:

May 12
Kecia Deveny
Lemoncholy’s Flight of Fancy:

May 13
Rachel Whetzel
A Year In The Life Of An Art Journal:

May 14
Shannon LeVart

May 15
Marlaine Verhelst
Marlaine Verhelst Art Dolls:

May 16
Lisa Jurist
Mud Hound Studio:

May 17
Michelle Bernard
Yesterday’s Trash:

May 18
Kerin Gale
Remnants of Olde – Alan Rogerson feature:

May 19
Facebook Party!
Apoxie Clay & Epoxy Clays Page:!/home.php?sk=group_158159677562761


Book & Online Workshop Bundles – special pricing of $5 off
All you need to do is put in the name of this blog when you check out through Paypal and you will receive the $5 back.

A) Resin Clay Pendants Workshop + Book = $35 + shipping (only $30 for you)

B) Vintage Gentleman Workshop + Book = $40 + shipping (only $35 for you)

C) Both Workshops + Book = $70 + shipping (only $65 for you)

The only thing you have to do to win this prizes is leave your name and addresses in a comment. Please note the physical products will only be mailed to addresses in the US. Access to the online workshop and the digital collage sheets can be sent anywhere in the world.

A)   The book  Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams

B)    One Aves Power Pack (selection of their most popular formulas)  from

C)    Fluid Chalks Online Workshop by Lesley Venable on her The Art Of Altering site which features many other awesome online workshops

D)  Two Digital Collage Sheets by Alicia Caudle of Altered Bits.  You can see her very unique and cool collection at

E) Sample pack of Silputty 40 silicone putty mold mix from Silpak.

F) 1 OZ ICE Resin and a mixed metal bezel from

G) Online workshop Animal making in papier mache by Marlaine Verhelst


Grand Prizes For Book Reviews*
Any reader that writes a review ~ however short or long~  of Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams on before July 31, 2011 and sends an email with the title “Inspired Remnants Review” to will be entered in a drawing to win one of these prizes.  Please note that your honest opinion is wanted on this review.

A) The art piece featured on the cover of the book, “Sacred Totem”

B) Power Pack plus extra Fixit Sculpt clay from Aves Studio

C) Frozen Charlotte Doll with digital tutorial “How To Crackle Charlottes” from Alicia Caudle of

D)  Resin Clay Pendants online workshop by Kerin Gale from

E)  Vintage Gentleman online workshop by Kerin Gale from

F)  Choice of any one workshop being taught by Kerin and Charley at Art Is You retreat in Petaluma, CA.  The registration fee and workshop cost are both waived.

G)  One copy each of Jen Cushman’s book, Explore, Create, Resinate and Susan Lenart-Kazmer’s book, Making Connections plus ICE Resin and a selection of bezels all from

* Please note prizes include shipping to U.S. addresses only.


Good luck with winning a prize and enjoy the rest of the Tour!
Warm regards
Marlaine Verhelst


Curious dreams

I was invited to take part in a new book on epoxy clay: Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams by Kerin Gale.
Personally I use epoxy clay to make the fragile parts of my animals stronger, covering it with papier mache. I am enthusiastic on the material. The books looks very interesting and beautiful and I can’t wait to see it.
Around the publication of this book a Blog Hop Tour is organized with artists involved in the book. I never took part in a blog hop tour before.
May 15 I will be the hosting blog. If you visit my blog that day and leave a message you can win many sponsored prizes and I will add an online animal class to these prizes. So you all should visit my blog on May 15:

Here you can find the complete schedule of this blog hop tour:

My fellow DABIDA member Esther Verschoor is also part of this book AND part of the Tour. Her blog is scheduled for May 11th.


Kiln and question about vintage fabrics

Finally my kiln is working properly again. After a long time of troubles we found out that the little pin on the lid that makes contact when the lid is closed, was a bit (1/16 of an inch) too short and stopped making contact when the kiln got really hot. I am so glad this is solved now by just making this pin a little bit longer.
I have a question about fabrics: I like to use vintage fabrics but sometimes they have a smell that doesn’t disappear even after washing it. Does anyone now how to handle this?
Thanks a lot,


Flax Paperclay

Finally I found the time to start working with the new clay that was waiting there for me: Flax Paperclay. It is a porcelain with fibers in it that has to be fired. I am having quite a hard time with this clay: it is sticky, hard to smooth and it gets porridge-like easily when I try use water for smoothening. If anyone has more experience with this clay, I would appreciate some advice.