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German magazine Puppen & Spielzeug

In the last issue of the leading German Doll Magazine Puppen & Spielzeug this four page article was published about me AND an article that I wrote about NIADA. The article about me was written by Ruth Ndouop Kalajian, a pleasant person to work with. In the headline she calls me the Storyteller.  Nice!


Reina Mia Brill

Always nice to see an artist at work. Especially if it is my friend and fellow NIADA artist Reina Mia Brill!


Fighting the clouds 2

Yes! New piece finished. I finally could use a lot of this really beautiful silver lace I was collecting for ages.
I made the piece for the special NIADA theme exhibition “Up in the clouds”, hoping I understood the theme right.
The piece is called Fighting the Clouds (2) because what else could you fight on a toy horse 🙂 The 2 means that I used the theme before.



My new piece is finished. Please take a look at “Chess-mates”. I hope they will make you happy and bring you a smile.


still working on a new piece


This is one of the two figures that will be part of my new piece and I fell in love with her. I started talking to her during working and my students use to say that if I start talking to a doll that means it is a good one.


I am working on the last details now and I still not decided if I will use the chess horses in the piece. They would make the theme stronger but they might be too much.


Less is more……..or not?


Working on a new piece

I am finally working on a new piece! Seeing all these things laying on my table makes me happy so I wanted to share this with you. So much stuff and never enough. Collecting stuff like this is one of the attractions of being a doll artist. I might end up using none of them but taking them out and just playing around is already so much fun.

The name of this new piece will be “Check-mate” or in Dutch “Geschaakt”. Wood will be part of the piece and I am thinking of using purple for the clothing.


online class results

Some time ago I was teaching an online doll making class for Adele Sciortino’s “A for Artistic”. it was a wonderful experience and a huge success. I had some very enthusiastic and talented students and I am still receiving pictures from finished dolls. This online teaching really works and is a lot of fun. The results were amazing and I want to share with you some pictures I recently received. Just a few of the many beautiful dolls my students made!

This is a doll by Yvonne Nathanson.


This beautiful piece is made by Anne Schroeder


This Juggler is made by Barbara Evans


This piece is made by Wendy Rinehart

I am really proud and happy that I could inspire these students to such wonderful work worth showing! After summer I will teach a few animal classes at A for Artistic and we are planning on repeating this doll class again next year. Look in my workshop schedule for specific dates.


Art doll quarterly

Just received the newest Art Doll Quarterly in the mail. I love this magazine that is so beautifully printed. On the last page I found my piece “Taking Care of Fishes” presented as “odd Doll” . I hope “odd” is good 🙂

Although I don’t remember any more sending this text I found my own words telling about the piece to this picture. So here you can find the story behind “Taking care of Fishes”.

In the same issue you can find a beautiful ten pages(!) article about my friend Ankie Daanen. So I would say: get yourself a copy.


30-year old piece

I got a piece back from a collector to check it. It is Chester, the piece on this picture.

I was hesitating to open the box because I was afraid to see a horrible doll. But I liked it! I was pleasantly surprised to see how well the condition was of this 30 year old piece. It is a hanging doll inspired on a marionette, hand sculpted into porcelain and painted with water color. Chester lived all these years in a private house.

The only thing that shocked me was the size. Only the doll itself measures 110 cm (44 inches). That is huge comparing to the scale I work in at the moment.