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Curious dreams

I was invited to take part in a new book on epoxy clay: Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams by Kerin Gale.
Personally I use epoxy clay to make the fragile parts of my animals stronger, covering it with papier mache. I am enthusiastic on the material. The books looks very interesting and beautiful and I can’t wait to see it.
Around the publication of this book a Blog Hop Tour is organized with artists involved in the book. I never took part in a blog hop tour before.
May 15 I will be the hosting blog. If you visit my blog that day and leave a message you can win many sponsored prizes and I will add an online animal class to these prizes. So you all should visit my blog on May 15:

Here you can find the complete schedule of this blog hop tour:

My fellow DABIDA member Esther Verschoor is also part of this book AND part of the Tour. Her blog is scheduled for May 11th.


Art contest

I  had sent in this piece for Beyond Fantasy Magazine’s Faeries & Foe’s Art contest. The piece came in the category Juror’s Pick and will be published in the next issue of  Beyond Fantasy Magazine.

The piece is called :” Taking care of Fishes” hand sculpted in porcelain and air dry clay, placed on a wooden base. The piece is appr. 14 inches high.

It is a fish faerie: he has fishtail wings.

It was not my intention to win this contest but it is just fun to see my piece and some of my colleague doll artists between all these beautiful fantasy artworks. You should really check it out.



Doll Show in Prague

My friend Bohdana from the Czech Doll Club in Prague is organizing the first Doll Show ever there in cooperation with Bernina. The show will be held on April 1 through 3, 2011. They have experience with organizing quilt shows. Bohdana got interested in dolls and traveled with her husband to several international shows especially in Russia. Doll makers from the Czech Republic are encouraged to take part in the show and in the doll competition. There will be a few Russian Doll artists present with their work.

From the US Patti Medaris Culea is invited to take part in the show and to teach workshops. I am looking forward to meeting her. I will be there too! I will teach two workshops, one in air dry clay and one in porcelain and I will bring my dolls. For me it will be my first time in Prague. If you are interested in joining us please look at or contact Bohdana:


NIADA book

This year’s NIADA conference was a wonderful experience. The location, the weather, the people, the dolls, the classes, the food, the black bear, everything was perfect. I just didn’t see much of the programs because I had a very full schedule. But I met a lot of very nice people and had a lot of fun.

One of the highlights was the conference souvenir: The Book. We all waited a long time for this BEAUTIFUL NIADA Art Dolls book. It is made by Shelley Thornton and Chris Chomick, who both did a great job.  It is a big heavy hard cover book full of the best pictures of the works of old and new NIADA artists. I am very happy with the way my pieces are included, and I am proud to be part of this great organization. More info about (ordering) this book on
It makes a great gift for the Holiday Season.


NIADA conference 2009

Time flies and the NIADA conference 2009 is coming up. The conference will be held from September 8 through 13 in Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts near Knoxville, Tennesee. The conference is open for everyone, not only NIADA members, and I heard already from several of my Texas friends and many others that they will be there. Great!

The conference is set up a bit different than other years. September is so much more convenient for me than mid-summer. In summer I always had to choose between my family holiday and NIADA, and choosing for NIADA could lead to a divorce.
The setting is choosen because this will give us plenty of room and occasions to have contact. It will be so much more intimate than staying in a big hotel. During and around the conference there are several interesting workshops set up. You can also take these classes if you do not attend the conference. Also the Gallery Show on Sunday will be open to visit for everyone. Check the Niada website for all details. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you might have any further questions.

I will be there for sure together with Ankie Daanen. We already booked our flights. And we hope to see you there. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet so many wonderful NIADA artists, to see their beautiful work, to learn from them and to have a lot of fun.


New piece for exhibition in Japan

I worked very hard the past few weeks to get new pieces ready. Not only on  Sunday April 5th the DABIDA day exhibition will take place (special guests Brian and Wendy Froud, please look at the DABIDA website) but I also have to ship a few pieces to Japan next week for the World Ningyo Exhibition organized by Chieko Ogawa. I met Chieko in the US a few times when she was the editor for a Japanese doll magazine.
For the Japan exhibition I am going to send my piece “Waiting for a prince 3” and the brand new piece “Fly like a bird” that I show here.
Question: the hair of the doll is Tibetan Lamb. How do I keep it in this shape?
My friend and colleague Ankie Daanen will be flying to Japan herself for this exhibition. Lucky her!


NIADA Convention 2009

The 2009 NIADA Convention will be held in Arrowmont, Gatlinburg, Tennessee, September 8-13 2009. Maybe we will meet there. Detailed information is available on the NIADA website.

I will be teaching a 2 day class ‘Head, Hands and Feet in Direct Sculpted Porcelain’ and together with Ankie Daanen a 2 day class ‘Dutch Touch Theatre’.
Details and registration on

Pictures NIADA, Atlanta 2001 (exhibition and workshop)


Meeting Brian and Wendy Froud again

As a board member of the Dutch and Belgian Institute of Doll Artists DABIDA I am very proud to announce that Brian and Wendy Froud will be our special guests on the 3rd DABIDA Day in Essen (Belgium) on April 5th 2009. Brian and Wendy surely are a source of inspiration for almost everybody who is making fantasy dolls. Years ago I have met Brian and Wendy in Santa Fe, NM at the legendary Santa Fe Doll Art Shows
Brian looks like one of his own characters and also Wendy with her long waving red hair looked like one of her own faery creations. I am looking forward to meeting them again. They will make the 3rd DABIDA Day a very special one.
A couple of years ago we were in the U.K. for our family holidays and there I saw the typical landscape and the weird knotty trees. I could understand where Brian gets his inspiration. It is easy to believe there in faeries and goblins.
Book introducing DABIDA members:


Jurying again

Yesterday I started the jury process for the National Polymer Clay Guild
I am a juror for the section ‘Sculpture object’ in the yearly Progress and Possibilities challenge. I don’t work in polymer clays but I was asked to judge the work based on my own experience, background and knowledge. Although it is going to take a lot of time (over 100 entries) I enjoy it very much. The quality level is amazing and I see so many beautiful things that I feel like a child in a candy store. On the weaker pieces I try to give my honost but positive comments knowing how much love and efforts the artist has put in it. Having fun,


Charity Project Lithuania

Together with my fellow DABIDA members Ankie Daanen, Yvonne Flipse, Nel Groothedde, Tine Kamerbeek, Ana Salvador and Gerda Schaarman from The Netherlands I am invited for an interesting project in Lithuania in the last weekend of June. Together with local Lithuanian doll artists and doll artists from other countries we will work together with Lithuanian celebrities (politicians, actors, writers, musicians, business people). The doll artists have to bring one of their pieces for an auction and one piece that is half done. The piece in progress will get finished working together with one of the celebrities. On the picture my half done piece. I tried to come up with something that could have input from a second ‘artist’ (the Lithuanian celebrity). We will have to paint and decorate the boxes and put something inside. The theme of the project is ‘Love’.
I hope to post a picture of the finished piece later. Fall 2008 there will be a big auction on Lithuanian television with all the dolls that were finished in Lithuania. The project is a charity event for children with cancer and will have a lot of publicity.
I am looking forward very much to the trip to Lithuania.