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NIADA Helper



This is my Helper for the 2013 NIADA Convention near San Francisco in June. There is still limited space available to join us and win this piece in the raffle.

Look at the NIADA website for all info.


NIADA helper


NIADA asks the artist members for a “helper”. That is a doll or doll related item that all conference attendees can win in a raffle by buying tickets and putting them in the box by the helper(s) they desire to win. It is always an exciting moment after the banquet to see who wins what.
This year I made a special helper piece. The base is a wooden spoon I found on a flea market. I added wheels. The mask is sculpted in air dry clay. The piece has copper wings, a bell and some other embellishments. I guess this is as close as I will ever come to steampunk 🙂