Houston April 2009
"Meet the Dutch Touch"

More info about The 'Meet the Dutch Touch-classes': Marlaine Verhelst and Ankie Daanen


Our hostess Marlene Slobin with her doll

Other hostess Mary Wiggins with her doll

Annette with her doll

Claire with her doll

Elmer's present
Already during the sculpting process Claire decided to call her doll 'Elmer'
when it was obvious that it was going to be a boy.
Ankie and Marlaine found a children's book called 'Elmer's first counting book' on one of their shopping tours
and gave it to Elmer as a present.

Gabriella with her doll

Jaci with her doll

Lynda with her doll

Marta with her doll

Mary with her doll

Sarah with her doll
Sarah called her doll 'Mabel' and will make her a black goat
Not Mary with a little lamb. "Mabel is Mary's sister".

Sherry and her doll
Sherry will be hosting the 'Meet the Dutch Touch' class in Iowa in 2012.

Yvonne and her doll