Doll Holiday and Workshop Week Fall 2003

Where are we staying?:
Pictures made in the October 2003 week. Participants from Belgium, France, Holland, Israel, Russia and the USA. The group in front of the tower, available for participants and partners/friends from 2004. Nadine surprised on her birthday, an evening together, lunch, Hannah in front of 'Le Roi Soleil', Marlaine and her daughter Hannah, the owners house and studio and working on the tower.

Participants at work
Emma and Natalia from Russia, Hester and Hannah from Holland, Marlaine teaching (Edna, Emma, Natalia and Nadine), Jacque, Diane and Annie from the USA, Truus from Belgium with Hester and Truus working while Sem is watching.
Edna Dali Dolls (Israel)
Hester van Lee's Site (have a look at Hester's bears :select Hester's Foto's - Beren)
Natalia Nikulina's site
Hannah de Maagt: music, dance and Stafke



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