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Flax Paperclay

By March 11, 2008 4 Comments

Finally I found the time to start working with the new clay that was waiting there for me: Flax Paperclay. It is a porcelain with fibers in it that has to be fired. I am having quite a hard time with this clay: it is sticky, hard to smooth and it gets porridge-like easily when I try use water for smoothening. If anyone has more experience with this clay, I would appreciate some advice.

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  • Morgana says:

    Maybe the paperclay is too old? I mean overdue. You should try new one!

  • Marlaine says:

    Is this you, Stef? I don’t think the paperclay is too old. Someone suggested me to try another brand. I will. Thanks,

  • Corina Duyn says:

    Hi Marlaine, I have used paperclay, and I found that adding a little cornflour (maizena) to the clay to roll it out, it makes it less sticky. I loved working with it, see some of the pieces I made with it on my webpage

  • Marlaine Verhelst says:

    Hi Corina,
    Thanks a lot for your message. How is life in Ireland? I will send a message to your private e-mail address in Dutch as well. I still have problems with Flax Paperclay. Love your work. Time flies: I heard that Bentsi has visited you.

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