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Together with my fellow DABIDA members Ankie Daanen, Yvonne Flipse, Nel Groothedde, Tine Kamerbeek, Ana Salvador and Gerda Schaarman from The Netherlands I am invited for an interesting project in Lithuania in the last weekend of June. Together with local Lithuanian doll artists and doll artists from other countries we will work together with Lithuanian celebrities (politicians, actors, writers, musicians, business people). The doll artists have to bring one of their pieces for an auction and one piece that is half done. The piece in progress will get finished working together with one of the celebrities. On the picture my half done piece. I tried to come up with something that could have input from a second ‘artist’ (the Lithuanian celebrity). We will have to paint and decorate the boxes and put something inside. The theme of the project is ‘Love’.
I hope to post a picture of the finished piece later. Fall 2008 there will be a big auction on Lithuanian television with all the dolls that were finished in Lithuania. The project is a charity event for children with cancer and will have a lot of publicity.
I am looking forward very much to the trip to Lithuania.

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