Once Upon a Time

once-upon-a-timea.jpg My piece “Once upon a time

Unfortunately again this year I found too little time to work on my dolls (once upon a time………). One of my latest pieces is this piece “Once upon a time”. When I found the decoration cage I got the image in my head of the half-doll on top. The shape of the cage was perfect to represent a “skirt”. The head and hands are sculpted directly into porcelain like all my pieces. The hair is made out of chenille yarn curled up around two big beads.To give the doll a twist I made a fish out of papier maché to live inside the cage. The fish makes her look like a fairytale. I am quite happy with her.

From one of my students I got flax porcelain paper clay. This is a kind of porcelain that has to be fired, completely different from Creative Paper Clay (an air drying clay). I hope to find time soon to start working with it. It really looks interesting!