Over the years, Marlaine has published several leading and best-selling books on the art and craft of sculpting and doll making. Zie hieronder de boeken die verkrijgbaar zijn.

Poppen & Beesten
Marlaine Verhelst presents:

Poppen & Beesten


A well crafted, beautifully photographed book that is one of my go to's for clarity in figuring out how to accomplish some of the problems I set for myself in making figures. 5 star reviewer
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Svetlana Pchrelnikova presents

Male figures in doll art

This colourful 304-page edition with beautiful art doll pictures (of more than 50 doll artists) features not only dolls created by men artists but also male characters made by the best women of the doll world.
Many Russian doll artists and among others: Jack Johnston, Scott Radke, Chris Chomick and Peter Meder, Edna Dali, Julien Martinez (France) and Marlaine Verhelst.
On the cover the piece Taking care of Chicken made by Marlaine Verhelst.

SOLD OUT: Men Dolls (language: Russian and English)
Price: Euro 30 plus shipping (The Netherlands €6,95; Europe from €9,00)

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Male dolls
NIADA book
The National Institute of American Doll Artists NIADA presents:

NIADA Art Dolls - rich traditions, new ideas

This captivating (hardcover) book celebrates the work of world-class artists who have chosen dolls and handmade figures as their medium of expression. The National Institute of American Doll Artists (NIADA), an organization committed to the highest artistic standards for its peer-elected members, presents the work of 160 artists who have been awarded membership since the group’s founding in 1963. A stunning array of more than 630 pieces portrays the changing scenery of the art-doll world, from traditional realistic styles to the cutting-edge figurative art of today. These extraordinary, inspiring images are a dynamic testimony for the doll as art.

As Krystyna Poray Goddu writes in her foreword, this volume “serves not merely as a showcase for the richness of the work of NIADA’s members, but—like any fine work of art—delights, moves, and inspires all those who encounter it.”

Several of Marlaine’s pieces are shown in this beautiful book. This book is a must have for everyone who is interested on doll art.

Price: €59,50 plus shipping €6,50 (The Netherlands), €13,00 (Europe)

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