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felted art


Funny felted art seen in Riga, Latvia


Combustus article





Deanna Piowaty published an article about me on her art site Combustus.  I am very happy with the interview because this lovely lady really understood my work. Thanks a lot, Deanna!


Reina Mia Brill

Always nice to see an artist at work. Especially if it is my friend and fellow NIADA artist Reina Mia Brill!


3d art


I found this very interesting website of Dutch artist Eric van Straaten that I want to share having some mixed feelings about it. The work is 3D printed, very interesting. I would like to see a 3D printer working maybe even try something for myself. But……it is plastic and I don’t like the material although it seems to work for this artist’s pieces. Then I thought: OK we all can stop doll making now because this work is so much better than what we do. But later I thought: wait a minute, this Eric van Straaten has a specific signature. That means that if I or one of my fellow doll artists would start working in this technique the result would be completely different. Remains the fact that I don’t like plastic.