I will be at the Doll Art Festival in Riga (14 – 17 September 2017)

and at Doll Prague 2017 (24 – 26 November 2017)

Maybe we will meet on the 12th DABIDA day (April 2018)) in Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

The pictures below are from the ‘Dutch Theatre’ class. Together with Ankie Daanen I have conducted  this class at the 2009 NIADA Conference in Arrowmont, Gatlinburg, Tennessee.
I hope to have the opportunity one day to teach this class together with Ankie Daanen. For the class we designed a wooden theatre. The students will fill it with two hand sculpted puppets and decorate it. theatrea.jpgOn the pictures you can see the basic sketch we have made and the pile with bases for the head and also the body / costume bases. heads-and-clothes.jpg

August 2008
: The 20th anniversary of the Festival International de la Marionnette in Mirepoix, France
I received an invitation to take part in the exhibition celebrating this anniversary. So many sweet memories … wow, time flies. When our children were little kids (they are 29, 24 and 18 years old now) we used to go to Mirepoix every summer for our family holidays. One of these weeks I was teaching in Mirepoix and exhibiting in the town hall during the festival.
Mirepoix is a beautiful medieval little town in the south of France and the old market place is perfect for outdoor performances. One of these years I had a cute boy from Spain in my class who was a puppeteer. He brought his puppets and one evening he decided to give a performance on the market place. Unfortunately it was the wrong time of the day because my students and I were the only audience. Later that week his friends came from Spain. They played in a folk band and we had a private concert.
The festival takes place in the beginning of August. When I entered NIADA it was not possible anymore to go there because the NIADA Conference takes place during summer as well. If you happen to be in France during the beginning of August you should visit Mirepoix.
In the meantime I have moved the workshop in France to another location (Paris): my yearly Paris Doll Holiday and Workshop Week.