The Dutch and Belgian Institute of Doll Artists DABIDA presents
DABIDA Doll Art - Poppenkunst (language: English and Dutch)

This colourful 40-page edition with color illustrations features 16 prominent modern Dutch and Belgian doll artists:
Olly Copal, Ankie Daanen, Marleen van Duyse, Yvonne Flipse, Diane Guelinckx, Saskia Hoeboer, Tine Kamerbeek, Hennie Koffrie, Gelske Koopmans, Frieda Meijer, Astrid Mulder, Ana Salvador, Hannie Sarris, Gerda Schaarman, Christ'l Sprengers and Marlaine Verhelst.

The book includes an introduction of the artists and pictures of each artist's dolls.

Price: $21 or Euro 14 plus shipping. Contact: Marlaine Verhelst

Marlaine Verhelst - Doll Artist