Byrum Spiritual Art Award

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Marcie Hart has sent me the Byrum Spiritual Art Award. This award means: “You make a difference…… I know, because you have for me! Thank you for being such a creative and wonderful person.”

I really feel honored. Now I may send the award to six other people. Hard to choose. There are a lot of artists I admire and am fond of but I decided to honor and thank all the students I have met in the the Dutch Touch” class and my other classes. I would like to thank them because they are so patient, grateful and enthusiastic. It is always a joy to teach them and to be with them. And also I would like to honor all our “Meet the Dutch Touch” hosts. I have met so many wonderful people, so sweet and hospitable. I love you all.

To honor all students and hosts I would like to pass the Byrum Spiritual Art Award to:

Janet Bodin, who introduced us to Houston
Jane Darin, who was our very first US host
Barbi Kantor-Goldenberg, who is an absolute darling
Rosie Rojas, who is my favorite student
Marlene Slobin, who is the sweetest and a wonderful organizer
Lynne and Gene Olson, who turned Seattle into heaven for us

Thank you very very much for your friendship.
You all make a difference…. I know, because you have for me!


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