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Some time ago I was teaching an online doll making class for Adele Sciortino’s “A for Artistic”. it was a wonderful experience and a huge success. I had some very enthusiastic and talented students and I am still receiving pictures from finished dolls. This online teaching really works and is a lot of fun. The results were amazing and I want to share with you some pictures I recently received. Just a few of the many beautiful dolls my students made!

This is a doll by Yvonne Nathanson.


This beautiful piece is made by Anne Schroeder


This Juggler is made by Barbara Evans


This piece is made by Wendy Rinehart

I am really proud and happy that I could inspire these students to such wonderful work worth showing! After summer I will teach a few animal classes at A for Artistic and we are planning on repeating this doll class again next year. Look in my workshop schedule for specific dates.

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