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By April 29, 2011 16 Comments

I was invited to take part in a new book on epoxy clay: Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams by Kerin Gale.
Personally I use epoxy clay to make the fragile parts of my animals stronger, covering it with papier mache. I am enthusiastic on the material. The books looks very interesting and beautiful and I can’t wait to see it.
Around the publication of this book a Blog Hop Tour is organized with artists involved in the book. I never took part in a blog hop tour before.
May 15 I will be the hosting blog. If you visit my blog that day and leave a message you can win many sponsored prizes and I will add an online animal class to these prizes. So you all should visit my blog on May 15:

Here you can find the complete schedule of this blog hop tour:

My fellow DABIDA member Esther Verschoor is also part of this book AND part of the Tour. Her blog is scheduled for May 11th.

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  • Shirleydevine says:

    Can hardly wait. Central Calif. is alert and waiting and excited. SMD

  • Colleen Peck says:

    Thank you for the beak tip!  Love your work!

  • Nancy Perennec says:

    Marlaine, I’ve been a fan or your work for a long time. Your imaginative costuming, posing and props are a real inspiration! I hope one day to take some of your classes! Thanks for sharing your tip on the beak!

  • Deb Patrick says:

    So excited about this blog/book tour. Every morning first thing I check. Thank you Marlaine for sharing your beak tutorial. It has given me some inspiration for a project I had in mind, but wasn’t sure about construction.

  • Minpinsloveme says:

    Amazing art! can’t believe the details.
    I’m so hoping to win this book and some clay, if not its on my must buy list! 

  • Shirleydevine says:

     Love the demo on Bird Beaks as am working on a bird.  Love this contest and will continue to follow.Would love to build a kangeroo in the future.  Will use your new book and some different clays in the process.

  • Erin Strother says:

    your work is beautiful! I’ve really been enjoying the blog hop!
    Erin S

  • Linda F says:

    Your creations are wonderful! This blog hop has been so much fun…I’ve seen such beautiful work!

  • Shirleydevine says:

     Thank you.  Must give credit to some wonderful artists I have worked with: Deibler, Slusher, Berman, and Art doll makers; Marlaine Verhelst, Ankie Daanen, Patti Culea, Anne Hesse, and years of enjoyment searching. Thanks again.

  • Barb Bazan says:

     Marlaine your work is extraordinary!  

  • Formysweetdaughter says:

    I love your pieces. This blog hop is great!
    Nice to meet you,
    Shannon C

  • NormanG says:

    thanks for the mini tutorial on the duck beak, filing that for later use for sure,  having a great time on this blog tour, thanks for being a part of it.

  • Christine says:

    Wonderful and interesting doll pieces. I’d love to win a class about animal making. Your peek at how you made the duck’s beak has caught my interest. It looks like a very clever way to make a duck.

  • Gaby Bee says:

    I am having a great time going to the different sites
    that are part of the book tour…so inspiring!
    Your creations are fabulous!

  • Marlaine says:

    Dear all,

    Thank you very much for writing a comment on my blog during the Blog Hop
    Tour of the book ‘Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams’.
    Your positive comments made my day(s) 🙂
    And yes, Esther, you were the first one.
    Of course we get up a bit earlier over here than people in the US and Canada.
    In the meantime I picked the winners of the fantastic prizes, by drawing. The
    winners will be informed personally.
    Thank you very much again
    Hugs from Holland,

  • Dena says:

     Thank you Marlaine, I look forward to receiving the art sheets! 

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