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Last weekend was the closing date for sending in entries for the DABIDA Award 2009. We received more than 50 entries from all over the world!. All DABIDA artists received the entries in the meantime (without knowing the names of the makers) to give their votes for the top 10 pieces. The quality level is very high and it really is a joy to see this beautiful work. It was hard to decide on the best 10 pieces. What is best?: Best overall appearance? Best idea? Best technique? Best use of materials? Best in theme (Spring)?
I decide to vote with my heart: the ‘WOW” factor, even when it was a tiny little wow because sometimes these little wows can say more than the big ones.
A comfort is that I am only one of the DABIDA members who have to give their votes. All votes together will decide on the top 10 pieces to be featured on the DABIDA website from next week.
In March the 3 best entries will be announced. On the next DABIDA (April 5th) the DABIDA artist members will vote for the final winner.

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